How Are You Installing Your New Shower Head?

Showers have become such a popular choice offering convenience and functionality while saving you water. It’s a fact that showering saves water over using a bath and the average person will only take five minutes to shower, so it also saves you time.

When placing a shower in your bathroom these days, you have such a selection available to you from the different shaped and sized shower trays to the various enclosures all the way to the shower heads and shower jets.

Your shower head can be ultra modern or traditional and you can add that touch of luxury by incorporating shower jets, but do you know where you are installing your shower head?

star shower head

Star Shower Head

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Wall mounted shower heads offer functionality and practicality, enabling you to place the shower head at your desired height, but once it’s up there is no moving it. You can get shower arms which come out of the wall with a movable elbow which allows you to move the shower head around to ensure that you get the most out of your showering experience.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

You will find many modern bathrooms will choose this option when mounting their shower heads. A large square shower head mounted to the ceiling looks stylish and sophisticated, but again there is no adjusting the height. While it may look great if your ceiling is high above the shower you may find that you don’t benefit from the full water flow. I can think of nothing worse than dancing around a shower trying to get the water to cover you when you’re full of soap.

Slide Rail Kits

Slide rail kits offer ease of use, functionality and convenience. Unlike the wall mounting and ceiling mountings you get for your shower, these kits offer a rail which is mounted to the shower wall enabling you to adjust the height of your shower head.

Slide rail kits are the perfect choice for family bathrooms where you have family members, all different heights using the shower. This enables you to adjust the shower head each time you shower to ensure you are getting the best showering experience. The slide rail kits come in a choice of designs to blend in with any bathroom design, whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom.

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