Stylish Toilet Options

A toilet has been an essential item in any bathroom for centuries and there are so many different varieties when you think about. There are toilets that are made from a hole in the ground, then there are those with a flush mechanism, such as the toilets we have in our bathrooms today, chemical toilets and portable options.

Of course while I could probably write about toilets throughout the centuries and the different options available, you’re not going to be mounting a hole in the ground in your new bathroom design. You want a toilet that is modern in design, stylish and that will blend in with your overall bathroom style.

modern toilets

Nanno Toilet

Basic Toilets

I’m using the term “basic toilets” for those toilets we all know and recognise, those with a cistern attached to the back and a flushing mechanism. These days there are a variety of fantastic designs available from the oval choices that we all know so well to the stylish square designs.

When looking at toilets you’ll want to take your overall bathroom design into consideration. If you have chosen bathroom items with gentle curves or rounded shapes then choosing the Emma, Forma, Pensato or Dale design will ensure that your toilet blends in perfectly.

If you are designing a modern bathroom with plenty of straight edges and square designs, then you want your toilet to carry on that design throughout the space such as the Qube, MacQ, Nanno and Lisa designs.

Back to Wall Toilets

Another option is the back to wall toilet, these are a great choice for compact bathrooms and ultra modern bathrooms where you are going for that minimalist design. Back to wall toilets also use the cistern and flushing mechanism that we know today, but it’s been done in a highly sophisticated way.

Basically your toilet bowl and pedestal are mounted directly on the wall, this gives you more space in your bathroom and leaves the space looking stylish and elegant. It’s what is happening behind the wall that counts.

Behind the wall you’ll have a mounting block that will secure the toilets to the wall and then your cistern is also mounted, hidden from sight. Your flushing mechanism can be mounted on the wall behind the toilet allowing you to push a button and your toilet will flush with ease.

These toilets are firm favourites in the more modern bathroom designs, available in a choice of shapes and helping you complement your bathroom space with ease.

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