Stylish Shower Designs

One thing that is definite about 2013 is the fact that more bathrooms are being designed on a spa-inspired theme. What this means is that you can include a shower in your bathroom, but turn it into a design feature, making it the centre-piece of the room and giving your bathroom space a “wow” factor.

One of the shower designs that have topped the charts lately is the walk in shower design, these showers don’t use doors making them an ideal choice for family bathrooms and bathrooms for the elderly.

The great thing about the walk in shower design is that when combined with the right shower accessories, they can add that “wow” factor to your bathroom space. The enclosures for these designs are made from a pane of safety glass. They are minimalistic in design and blend in beautifully with any bathroom design.

walk in shower enclosure

Walk In Shower

The shower accessories you may want to include are the jets. If you are after a spa-inspired bathrooms the shower jets can add that touch of luxury. The jets are available in square or round designs and power water from different angles depending on where you have placed them on your shower wall.

Funky and Modern Designs

Recently I saw two ultra modern bathroom designs, they probably cost a lot, but they are the funkiest and most modern shower designs. The first was the egg design. This shower stands in the centre of your bathroom and is a solid unit in the shape of an egg. The one side of the egg opens for a doorway, almost like peeling the wrapper from an Easter egg.

The other design that caught my attention was the sphere design. This is a round design that runs from the floor up and over your head in a circular shape. The shower head is placed at the top and then the shower accessories, such as the jets are mounted in the sides offering a complete showering experience. The great thing about the sphere design is that they can be placed both indoors or outdoors by the pool offering a modern twist on a regular shower enclosure.

At the same time many of us are down to choosing the shower enclosures available online or in stores, if you are choosing a shower, be sure to find the right shower accessories to make your shower the centre-piece it deserves to be, a shower that will complement your bathroom design.


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