Compact Bathroom Tips

I think we’ve all ended up in the situation where we have had to design a small or compact bathroom space. It’s not an easy task when you’re trying to place a toilet, basin and shower into a small space.

Long and rectangular bathrooms that are galley style can be one of the hardest to design, but with the right bathroom products, colour and plenty of light, you can turn this small bathroom into a stylish space.

bathrooms made bigger at Kings Bathroom

Small Bathroom

Your Shower

The first step in the process is to determine if a shower is the right choice for you. In many smaller bathrooms, a bath is not an ideal choice and will take up way too much of your floor space.

Quadrant shower trays are a top choice for compact bathrooms, these shower trays can be fitted into the corner of the bathroom maximising your floor space. The great thing about these shower trays is the gentle curve that they offer, you can base your entire design around this stylish tray.

Another option is a wet room, though there are many people that will choose quadrant shower trays over a wet room design due to convenience and practicality.

Your Basin

Even in the smallest of bathrooms you want some form of storage, without it your bathroom will become cluttered and messy. Keeping in with your quadrant shower trays you can choose a vanity unit that includes a basin, this way you are maximising your space and making the most of what space you have available.

Vanities are essential for any bathroom, but I feel they are more important in a smaller bathroom area. It only takes a few items to be left out for a small space to look messy and cluttered.

Your Toilet

Toilets come in a choice of designs. Now if you have chosen quadrant shower trays then you want a toilet that is oval or round, back to wall toilets are exceptionally popular and ideal for the smaller bathroom space. These toilets have the cistern hidden behind the wall, this means only the toilet bowl and pedestal are in the room, saving you plenty of space when you need it most.

Light and Bright

When designing a compact bathroom you will concentrate on maximising the space you have available, but another very important aspect is the colour you choose. You want an abundance of natural light, using large windows wherever possible and combine that with white walls and floor and your bathroom will feel spacious, airy and bright.

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