Modern Bathroom Designs – Luxurious Comfort

As we all know bathrooms are becoming more luxurious. It’s become common practice when renovating your home or building a home to ensure that your bathroom brings a “wow” factor to the table.

The advantage to having a modern and luxurious bathroom design is that it is a top selling point should you ever decide to sell your property in the future, a stylish bathroom can add value to the property.

Everyone’s take on modern and luxurious is different, some people prefer the ultra modern look and the very minimalist design with loads of straight edges, clear glass and white tiles. Some prefer the more traditional feel with lots of curves, large items and comfortable experiences.

Whenever you design your new bathroom you need to take your radiator into consideration. A radiator can be a blessing in a bathroom environment warming up the space, a welcome factor when you get out of the bath or shower.

Radiators also offer you a place to hang your towel while you bathe, a warm toasty towel is always welcome on those cold winter nights.

Stylish Designs

The great thing these days are the radiators designed for bathrooms aren’t ugly. In fact they are finished in a choice of fantastic and stylish design choices from the floor mounted options to those that you can hang on the wall.


The designer radiators also come with a choice of either vertical or horizontal bars, so you can choose a radiator that will blend in with your bathroom design perfectly.

The Valves

You may be wondering about the radiator valves. If the radiators are so stylish and most finished in a polished chrome, the radiator valves available should also be stylish, modern and elegant.

You’ll be pleased to know that they are. You can choose from cylindrical designs or square designs, perfect to blend in with any bathroom décor.

The rule of thumb that I always follow is to keep your design flowing throughout the space. If you have chosen a minimalist design with lots of straight edges and square taps and shower heads, then your radiator valves should also be square.

The same applies if you have chosen lots of circular items or those with gentle curves. Choose a radiator with round bars and then choose the radiator valves that blend in the best, those that have round dials, ensuring everything balances out and compliments each other.


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