Add a Spring Touch to Your Bathroom

The start of spring is here, the flowers are starting to bloom and hopefully the weather is warming up soon. Spring is such an exciting time of the year, it means that ongoing cold, rain, sleet and snow is behind us and it’s time to start planning for the warmer days.

When spring arrives most people start scrubbing their homes from top to bottom, spring cleaning helps us get rid of the old and start a new year with a spotless home.

Why should you bathroom be forgotten this spring? After giving your bathroom a spring clean there are ways you can add that touch of spring to your bathroom, giving it a new lease on life, making it bright and cheerful and making it feel fresh and new.

counter top basin and flowers

Fresh Spring Look and Feel

The first thing I always do when spring arrives is give my bathroom a new lick of paint, if you have tiles now is the time to check all the grouting, clean the tiles and have them looking new again. If you’re going to paint, keep the colour as light as possible, I always prefer white, you can add your splashes of colour in other areas.

Once the walls are painted and the bathroom is gleaming clean after the spring clean. I set a small budget aside for some spring things.

Spring Things

The simplest things like adding new towels to your bathroom can really welcome spring through the door. I always go for light blues, yellows and greens, fresh and light colours. Cool colours that will bring the brightness into the space. Combine green and yellow towels for an outside feel. Your new towels will look fantastic hanging on the towel rail or towel ring and will really enhance the space.

Another thing I like to do is to change the blind when spring arrives, again adding that fresh and cool colour scheme. I tend to blend my blind with my towels, so bright greens, yellows and blues. Vertical blinds work wonders in a bathroom environment enabling you to open them completely or just open the slats slightly while still offering privacy.

Add some flowers to the window sill, the fresh smell of flowers is always welcome in the bathroom and really welcomes spring into the space. Other options is to choose brightly coloured hand soaps and bath soaps, anything bright and cheerful to welcome spring into the bathroom area.


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