Top Cloakroom Design Options

Making the most of the space available in a cloakroom may seem way too difficult, but if you choose the right bathroom products and plan the space effectively, you’ll find you can fit a toilet and basin into the smallest of spaces.

Many homes have that little bit of room under the stairs that makes a perfect cloakroom, a place for guests to visit when they’re visiting. If you have a home set on two levels where all your bathrooms are upstairs, you want to make the most of the downstairs space you have and adding a cloakroom is not only a convenience, but can add value to the home.

Another advantage is that upstairs can be a complete mess and you don’t have to worry about your guests nosing around, because they have a downstairs cloakroom to use.

What Do You Need for a Cloakroom?

A cloakroom is a fancy name for a guest toilet. So all you need is the toilet, a wash basin, maybe some storage for toilet rolls and a towel ring to hang a hand towel. The space can be tiny, but with innovative toilet designs and wall hung vanity basins you can easily make the most of the space you have available.

cloakroom bathroom basin

My first suggestion would be to install a back to wall toilet rather than a traditional toilet with cistern. The back to wall toilets have the cistern hidden in the wall which means just the toilet bowl and flushing mechanism are mounted on the wall, you’d be amazed how much space you can save.

Above the toilet or next to the toilet on the wall you can mount a small bathroom cupboard, or some shelves, just big enough to hold those additional toilet rolls. Don’t forget a toilet roll holder mounted next to the toilet somewhere.

Along the wall you can mount wall hung vanity basins, there are ones designed specifically for cloakrooms, these basins mount directly on the wall and use a bottle trap, so you can really make the most of the space.

The wall hung vanity basins that are designed for cloakrooms are compact and have space for one basin tap mounted to the side of the basin, so you really aren’t taking up too much space at all. All you need to do in order to complete the picture is mount a towel rail next to the wall hung vanity basin and place a nice hand towel, enabling your guests to wash and dry their hands.

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