A Touch of Luxury with Airpool Baths

Airpool baths are a top choice this year as homes across the country renovate their bathrooms to a spa-inspired and luxurious theme. These baths are not only available in a choice of shapes and sizes, but they offer a host of health benefits and even better, they are easy to clean and maintain.

If you are looking for the convenience of a spa in your home, then adding the luxury of an airpool bath in your bathroom is the first step to achieving this.

Shapes and Sizes

The advantage to the airpool baths is that they are available in such a large variety of shapes and sizes to suit any size bathroom. From the stunning semi-circular design to the rectangular choices and the large oval options to the more square choices. You can blend these luxurious baths into any bathroom design.

When choosing airpool baths remember to keep your style the same throughout the space. If you have chosen straight edged designs for your basin, shower and vanity, then ensure you choose from the rectangular or square airpool baths. The same applies if you have chosen cylindrical or curved fixtures and fittings, choose from the oval or semi-circular airpool baths, allowing your design to flow freely throughout the space.

whirlpool and airpoll baths

Luxury Whirlpool and Airpool Baths

Health Benefits

What many people don’t realise is that airpool baths offer a host of health benefits and are the ideal choice if you are looking for that luxurious touch in your bathroom. These baths are a welcome addition to those with arthritis or circulation problems. The air jets gently massage aching joints and muscles while you bath and the massaging action dramatically improves circulation.

These baths are a wonderful addition if you are looking for that long and relaxing soak in the bath after a long day at work and can help alleviate stress.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Airpool baths are very easy to clean and maintain. It’s important to have your bath serviced by a professional at least once a year to ensure the motor is working to its best. But the rest of the time you just need to take a little time to clean the bath.

After each use let the jets run while the bath is empty and use a cloth to wipe out any excess water. Unlike the whirlpool options, airpool baths can run empty, reducing the risk of damaging the motor in the long run.

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