Add Some Extra Light to Your Bathroom with Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

We all need ways to reduce the clutter in our bathrooms, which is why so many of us choose bathroom cupboards or vanity units. There is nothing worse than not having adequate storage in the bathroom area, you are left with towels strewn across the floor, make up on the window sill and shaving items on the side of the basin.

While storage is imperative to any bathroom design, being able to find things in the cupboards is just as important and even with the light on, you may find that your cupboard is too dark which is why you need bathroom cabinet lighting.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is not only ideal for over the cupboard or even in the cupboard, but this lighting can be used over a mirror or just as a handy additional light source that is guaranteed to lighten and brighten your bathrooms space.

Stylish Desgins

Bathroom cabinet lighting comes in a choice of stylish designs and I love placing mine over my vanity unit, so I always have light flowing onto the basin area.

Some of the designs include:

The single cone design is one of my favourites and will blend in with any bathroom design whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom. The metallic finish is perfect blending in with your taps and shower accessories. The cone design is elegant and sophisticated and guaranteed to enhance the bathroom space.

Single Cone metallic Cabinet Lighting

Another of my favourite bathroom cabinet lighting options is the single pumpkin design. Now while the name may sound a little strange, this cylindrical design is the perfect choice when your bathroom is filled with gentle curves and round or oval bathroom products. Also finished in metallic, these bathroom cabinet lighting options will blend in beautifully with your overall design.

Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

Pumpkin Metallic Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

If you have a double or large basin then the duo funnel design may be the right choice for you. These are so stylish in design and really complement the bathroom space, especially in the modern bathroom designs.

When you think of bathroom cabinet lighting chances are you think of an ugly light that is hidden inside your cabinet. The bathroom cabinet lighting designs can be used anywhere in your bathroom to add additional light to a darker area, to highlight your mirror or basins or to enhance a feature in the space.


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