Spectacular Freestanding Baths Offer That “Wow” Factor

If you’re after a “wow” factor when designing your bathroom and you have the space, then you need freestanding baths. These baths are designed to take your breath away every time you step into the bathroom. Available in a selection of shapes to suit any bathroom design, freestanding baths are guaranteed to make a statement.


The first decision you will need to make about freestanding baths is where to place them. Many people find placing the bath in the centre of the room makes a huge statement, but freestanding baths look fantastic against a wall or even under a large picture window.

Because the baths come in a choice of shapes, you can blend your freestanding baths in with the rest of your bathroom décor beautifully.


The freestanding baths come in a selection of shapes to blend in with any bathroom design. My personal favourites are the Assai freestanding baths which are rectangular in shape being wider at the top than bottom and the Rubarto freestanding baths which are an elegant oval shape. The reason I love these freestanding baths is that they are also available in a selection of colour options, enabling you to really make a statement in your bathroom area.

Freestanding Bath

Assai Freestanding Bath

Most of the freestanding baths are rectangular in shape with angled sides making them unique and stylish and giving you the ability to blend them into your bathroom area with ease.

Why Freestanding Baths?

With so many bath designs available you may be wondering why freestanding baths. Actually it’s down to preference, but the freestanding baths are as their name suggests, they stand on their own even when placed against a wall, some of them are availdable in a number of colour options and the best thing is that they are deep baths, enabling you to really soak your worries away after a long day at work.

Once you have carefully planned your bathroom and have chosen exactly where to place your freestanding bath you can start planning the remainder of the space. The most important consideration is not to compromise your floor space and if you are placing freestanding baths in the centre of the room, be sure there is enough space around the bath for you to more freely.

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