Top Tips for Hiring a Contractor

When renovating your bathroom you want a reputable and reliable contractor to carry out the work. This is not only to ensure the work is done to the highest standard, but it’s also imperative so that you know they will meet the schedule, be on time, professional and have the knowledge to carry out the work effectively.

Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor in your area.

Bathroom remodelling

Get a Number of Quotes

Don’t only ask for one quote and settle for it. Getting a number of professionals in, gives you the chance to see how professional they are and also gives you an opportunity to decide between a number of contractors.

It is so important to remember that cheaper isn’t always the best option, you want to choose the contractor that is knowledgeable, professional, has good reviews and can carry out the job in the required time frame.

Ask each contractor to come to your home to carry out the quote, they will probably ask to do this anyway, if they don’t, it’s a big red flag. They cannot quote without seeing and knowing exactly what needs to be done.

Ask Questions

Once the contractor arrives to give you a quote, ask questions. Maybe have a list of questions and ask each of the contractors the same questions, this can be on easy plumb and fast flow waste, how they install it, how long will it take or even which of the waste solutions they suggest.

This is your chance to determine their knowledge. Also when they come to your home you can see how professional and reliable they are. Did they arrive on time?


Once you’ve met all the contractors and they have agreed on a start date and given you a price to complete the job, you can sit down and compare the quotes against each other. Once you have one in mind that really appeals to you, it’s time to do your homework.

The one that appears to know what they’re talking about, may not be the most reputable. The last thing you need is having the easy plumb and fast flow waste installed only to find leaks a few weeks or even months later.

Go online, the internet is the best place to find customer reviews. Search the forums and see what comes back. If the contractor only has good reviews and the customers are very happy, then hire them and get the installation underway.

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