Affordable Ways to Accessorise Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can be a stunning space if you incorporate accessories. It’s all well having a beautiful bathrooms finished with stunning bathroom products that turn the space into a modern oasis, but without accessories it will be boring and wont’ be functional or practical.


The first of the bathroom accessories you’ll want to consider is bathroom mirrors. Mirrors play a vital role in the bathroom design. They can be used to enhance light in the bathroom space or they can be used to highlight a centre piece making it a focal point, such as that stunning freestanding bath you have just placed in the room.


Basic accessories such as toilet roll holders, tumbler holders and soap dishes are also essential in ensuring your bathroom is functional. The cone bathroom accessories are a great choice for either modern or traditional designs with a cylindrical finish that can blend into your design with perfection.

Towel Rails and Rings

Towel rails and rings are also so important in any bathroom design. They help reduce clutter while ensuring that you can easily identify your hand towels from your bath towels. The last thing you want is guests drying their hands on your bath towel and I’m sure your guests won’t want to dry their hands on a towel you have used to dry your body.

Towel Bars

Cone Towel Bar

The towel rails and rings are also available as part of the cone bathroom accessories range, so you can ensure all your bathroom accessories are the same, blending in beautifully together and enhancing the space.

Brighten up the Space with Towels

New towels are an affordable item that you can use to brighten up your bathroom area. Brightly coloured towels are a welcome addition to an all-white bathroom area. Hanging these new towels on your towel rails which are part of the cone accessories range is affordable, practical and stylish.


Another essential accessory for the bathroom is a blind. You can choose from a range of blinds available on the market, personally I prefer blinds with a bit of colour which adds to the personality of your bathroom space.


Set yourself a budget before you start shopping around. You’ll be amazed how you can accessorise your bathroom without breaking the bank, turning it into a stylish, practical and functional space.

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