Top Wall Hung Vanity Units

Wall hung vanity units have long been a top choice for reducing clutter in the bathroom while maximising the floor space. The biggest advantage is the versatility offered by these units, you can choose your desired height while making below the unit easy to clean. The designs available make wall hung vanity units the perfect choice whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom design.

These units are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes complete with a basin and ample storage.

White Gloss Vanity Unit with Basin

These wall hung vanity units are compact in design making them the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms. They are square in shape with a single cupboard and drawer offering ample storage for all your bathroom products from your hair care products to medicines.

wall hung vanity unit

white gloss vanity unit

White Gloss Vanity with Basin

These wall hung vanity units are slightly bigger than the units listed above, they are perfect for medium to large sized bathrooms with an incorporated basin. The unit comes with double doors offering ample storage. There is enough space to store towels and other larger bathroom items or give each family member their own shelf to ensure they don’t clutter the bathroom area.

Sign 40 Wall Hung Base Unit and Basin

These wall hung vanity units are designed with the smaller bathroom in mind. They offer style and functionality in a light colour with stunning chrome that matches your taps and other fittings and fixtures. These units come with a large pull out drawer which offers enough storage space to keep your bathroom clutter free.

Zola 60 Wall Mounted unit and Basin

The Zola wall hung vanity units are sophisticated and elegant in a sleek black colour which adds to your overall bathroom design. With two large drawers offering ample storage and a basin that fits perfectly, these wall hung units are guaranteed to enhance your bathroom design.

Top Tips

Many of the white gloss wall hung vanity units are also available in a light oak, adding texture and colour to your bathroom design. Always measure the space you have available with care and ensure the wall hung vanity unit you choose fits the space perfectly. As with anything you add to your bathroom design you want it to blend in and complement the space and you can do this with ease with the wall hung vanity units available.

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