Beautiful Inset Basins

These days’ modern homes are the top choice combined with a beautiful bathroom to complement the space. Bathrooms have become one of the most important designs in a home and people are spending a fortune on renovating their bathrooms each year to ensure they become a masterpiece.

Inset basins are very popular these days, they are stylish and modern, but at the same time they are convenient and help you save on space wherever possible.


Before looking at any basins you need to pay careful attention to your overall bathroom design. The advantage to inset basins is that they can be added to your current bathroom design, they fit onto counters and vanity units with ease. This gives you the ability to give your bathroom a well-deserved facelift without breaking the bank.

inset basin

Inset Basin

Inset basins come in a selection of sizes and shapes to blend in with any bathroom design.


Space plays an important role when choosing any bathroom products, including inset basins. You can get inset basins in square and rectangular designs and both large and small designs. You can easily find the perfect match to blend in with your bathroom design with ease.

Because so many bathrooms in the UK are on the compact size, you need to make every effort to ensure they are light and bright spaces which in turn makes them feel spacious. With inset basins fitting onto counters and vanity units, you immediately maximise your floor space, making even the smallest bathroom feel bigger than it is.

The Final Touch

With any basin tap selection is important and the same applies to inset basins. Taps should be chosen according to the bathroom design and shapes you have incorporated in the space. If you have gone for a modern design with plenty of straight edges, a square or rectangular inset basin with square taps is the perfect addition to the space.

The same applies if you have chosen gentle curves with plenty of round and oval bathroom products, the inset basins have curved and sophisticated design choices and combined with the right taps can really enhance your bathroom space offering that “wow” factor.

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