Top Corner Baths

Corner baths are stylish in design, but best of all they help you maximise on space in the bathroom. The ability to install your bath in a corner not only maximises floor space but you can create the most elegant bathroom design, maybe have space for that shower or bidet you had your heart set on.

Corner baths come in a host of shapes and sizes from triangular to straight edged, making it possible to find the perfect choice to blend into your overall design.

Legato Corner Baths

These corner baths are my personal favourite in a stunning hexagonal shape with stunning angled corners that add a very elegant finish to the bathroom area. They blend into any modern bathroom design with ease where you have chosen straight edged products and fittings.

Corner Bath

Legato Corner Bath

Saranto Bath Including Panels

The Saranto corner baths are design for comfort, they are wider at one end than the other with elegant straight sides that blend into your bathroom design with ease. You can choose from a left or right corner design to ensure they fit into your space and look fantastic.

Corner Bath

Saranto Corner Bath

Monaco Corner Baths Including Panel

These corner baths offer a sensual curve and come in a brilliant white. They are a larger bath so beautifully designed with the larger bathroom area in mind. They offer ample bathing space so you can really sit back and relax after a long day at work.

corner bath

Monaco Corner Bath

Space Bath Including Panels

These corner baths also offer a wider side at one end and are very sophisticated in design with straight edges. They also have a gentle curve separating the wider end from the narrower side, which adds texture and style to the bathroom.

corner baths

Space Corner Baths

Corsica Corner Baths Including Panels

These corner baths are the perfect modern choice for any bathroom with a stunning curved front in a brilliant white finish that is guaranteed to complement any bathroom design. Enabling you to make the most of your floor space, these corner baths are a welcome addition whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom design.

Corner  Bath

Corsica Bath


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