Essential Shower Kits

I think one of the most frustrating experiences when taking a shower is dealing with a shower head that is either too high or too low. Hotels are the worst for this where they mount their shower heads so low you end up crouching just to try and wash your hair.

Having the shower head too high is just as big a nightmare, High shower head means trying to get wet is a mission on its own. Someone who is six foot or more will end up squatting when trying to shower if the shower head can’t be adjusted to the right height. Showers are meant to be quick and convenient, but without the ability to have the shower head at your desired height, they are anything but convenient.

Slide Rail Kits

Taking a look at the average family, a mum, dad and two children. They are all different heights, dad may be well over six foot while the youngest may only be about four foot. If you only have one shower if your home you need the ability to move the shower head to your desired height to ensure you have an enjoyable showering experience.

That being said, slide rail kits can be the solution you are looking for to ensure everyone has an enjoyable showering experience no matter what height they are. These slide rail kits give you the ability to adjust the shower head to your desired height by sliding it up or down the rail.

Designs Choices

Slide rail kits come in a selection of stunning design choices from the most modern designs to the more traditional options. You are able to find the perfect slide rail kits that will blend in with your current bathroom space, complement the current design and enhance the space. They all come with a stunning chrome finish which blends in beautifully with your taps and other fixtures and fittings.

The shower slide rail kits include a shower head and you get a choice from square to round designs. The shower head also is available in a choice of sizes so you don’t have to compromise on convenience when choosing one of these slide rail kits.

shower slide rail kit

shower slide rail kit

Slide rail kits are the convenient and practical solution for any family bathroom design to ensure everyone can enjoy the convenience of a shower without crouching in order to get wet.

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