The Easy Way to Clean Your Bathroom

Summer is here and it’s time to get your bathroom sparkling clean and ready for all those guests that will be arriving at your door.

Summer is the time of year when everyone wants their homes to look their best. More people are entertaining at home these days which means a sparkling bathroom is an absolute must.

The good thing is that cleaning the bathroom doesn’t need to be a nightmare and it really doesn’t need to take hours, it shouldn’t take more than an hour and is something you can do easily a few times a week.

Let’s Get Started

To speed up the process you’ll want two buckets. Place all your cleaning supplies in one and water in the other, this will save you time running back and forth to your cleaning cupboard.

Take a spray bottle and make a vinegar and water mixture, half and half is ample. This is the best solution for removing marks off mirrors and glass. You’ll be amazed how it will make your mirrors gleam and remove those stubborn soap marks from the shower enclosure.

Work in a way that’s the easiest and that’s with pouring some bleach down the toilet. Leave it there while you grab the bathroom cleaner and spray it all over the bath, basin and shower tray. Start in the beginning, so go back to the bath if that’s what you sprayed first, then move on to the basin and shower tray. By this time the cleaner has had time to soak into any marks and will come up clean and with ease.

bathroom cleaning

bathroom cleaning

Now take your vinegar mixture and spray it over your shower enclosure and then move to the mirror. Now go back to the enclosure and you’ll notice the dirt has started lifting making it easy to get it sparkling clean.

Give the shower a quick rinse with plain water and you’re ready to move on to the next item. When all your bathroom products are gleaming, head back to the toilet where it all began and give it a good scrub and flush.

Now all you have to do is give the floor a quick mop, open up the windows to let the bathroom air and place some clean towels in the space and you’re ready to welcome your guests through the door.

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