Top 5 Bathroom Cabinet Lighting Choices

Additional lighting in your bathroom can make a huge impact on the space and your overall design. Lighting makes the bathroom feel more spacious, giving it that light and bright feel. While you could add more ceiling lights, why not have a look at the great choice of bathroom cabinet lighting available which can offer that extra light your bathroom needs?

Bathroom cabinet lighting is a practical solution suitable for both modern and traditional bathroom designs. The lights are elegant and stylish in a choice of designs and styles to suit any bathroom style.

Single Pumpkin Metallic Cabinet Light

This is probably my favourite out of the bathroom cabinet lighting options. The rounded design with square base finished with the stunning star pattern brings the light into a class of its own. Finished in polished chrome to blend in with all your other bathroom fixtures and fittings is what makes this bathroom cabinet lighting option such a solid choice.

Single Cone Metallic Cabinet Light

These bathroom cabinet lighting options are the perfect choice for traditional and modern bathroom designs. These lights have a square base and a stunning design which blends into your overall design with ease.

Dual Funnel Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

If you have a larger bathroom you don’t have to worry, these bathroom cabinet lighting solutions are designed with a larger bathroom in mind. These lights offer more than enough additional light to enhance the bathroom space and you can mount them in your cabinet to help you find what you are looking for or above the mirror offering you a clear reflection for the morning rush.

Duo Tube Cabinet Light

Elegant in design, these bathroom cabinet lighting solutions are ideal for modern bathrooms with a double cylindrical arm adding style and sophistication to your overall bathroom design.

Traditional Single Cone Cabinet Light

A single cone with a traditional touch is what these bathroom cabinet lighting options have to offer adding that beautiful touch to your bathroom design. They have an arched arm with a square base which finishes off the design to perfection.

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