Cloakroom Designs

Cloakrooms are often a small space under the stairs or that little recess you have which you have chosen to convert to add value to your home. Cloakrooms can be a nightmare to design, you need the right bathroom products, your planning needs to be spot on and then you need to be able to work out the space and products to work in unison to make the space functional and practical.

Cloakrooms are essential if you have all your bathrooms upstairs, you need that space for guests to use when visiting.

What Do You Need?

What do you need when designing a guest toilet or a cloakroom, as it’s favourably called? You’ll need a toilet, storage and a hand basin. Maybe add a towel ring in for your hand towel next to the basin. You need to think out of the box when working with such a compact space. Wall hung vanity units, back to wall toilets are all ways you can make the most of the space you have available.

The first suggestion I would make for any cloakroom is a back to wall toilet. These back to wall toilets are designed with a hidden cistern, so all you have in the cloakroom is area is the toilet bowl and flushing mechanism, everything else is out of sight and out of the space.

Then you’ll want some space, either a shelf or small cupboard to store your toilet rolls and cleaning supplies for the cloakroom. You don’t need much storage space, maybe just room for a couple of hand towels and toilet rolls.

Now that you’ve saved space by using a back to wall toilet you can include a modern bathroom basin that is designed for such a small space. These basins are rectangular in design with the tap on the side rather than the back, helping you maximise the space you have available.

Keep your cloakroom light and bright with plenty of white and additional lighting. In many cases cloakrooms don’t enjoy the benefit of a window, so choosing white back to wall toilets, white tiles, white basins and white cupboards combined with plenty of light can make a huge impact on the space.

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