Shower Door Solutions for Smaller Bathrooms

Designing a smaller bathroom is a tedious task. It’s so difficult to ensure everything works together within the space while ensuring you don’t compromise on floor space.

Smaller bathrooms have become very common and homes seem to be incorporating smaller bathrooms to ensure they have adequate living space. While this is understandable, when it comes time to renovate the bathroom it can be an absolute headache.

The majority of homes that have smaller bathrooms choose a shower over a bath. Showers take up less room in the bathroom area and they offer the convenience of using less water and you can shower in a much shorter time than taking a bath.

That being said, once you have chosen a shower you need to choose a shower door and there are a selection available which will work beautifully with a smaller bathroom space.

Chances are you have chosen a square or rectangular shower tray and you can see that the pivot and hinged door designs are not a practical solution. These shower doors swing open, that means you need to ensure you have enough space to allow these doors to open with ease without any obstacles getting in their way.

There are much easier alternatives that won’t compromise your floor space.

Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures

The bi-fold door shower enclosures are a practical solution for the smaller bathroom. These doors work like a concertina file and fold up to one side of the shower. It’s advisable when installing the bi-fold door shower enclosures to ensure that your door opens away from the taps to avoid damage. The doors can be turned over so you can include them with any shower design.

The bi-fold door shower enclosures fold in towards the centre of the shower and therefore don’t need any additional floor space.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a popular choice and normally include two sides which slide together to close the door and slide out again to open the door. Like the bi-fold door shower enclosures the sliding doors don’t compromise your floor space and don’t swing open.

Walk In Enclosures

Another option for smaller bathrooms are the walk-in shower enclosures which unlike the bi-fold door shower enclosures, these don’t have a door at all but rather an opening which you can use to get in and out of the shower. These are very modern and are used in many bathrooms today.

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