Infinity Bathroom Mirrors – An Out of Space Bathroom Experience

Anyone who is a Star Trek fan will love the infinity bathroom mirrors. They are so unique that they give an out of space bathroom experience,

When Star Trek was introduced to our televisions it seemed so farfetched, tablet computers and face to face calling. Who knew that today that would all be a reality, now you can add some of that futuristic glamour to your bathroom design with the infinity bathroom mirrors.

Anyone who doesn’t know what infinity bathroom mirrors are you are in for a treat. These are stylishly designed mirrors that offer that statement you are looking for.  These bathroom mirrors catch your eye when they are switched on. When off they look like an ordinary mirror, but once you put on the lights, they become a futuristic art piece on your bathroom wall.

The infinity bathroom mirrors are the perfect choice for large or small bathroom designs and will become the focal point of your design. They use 3D effects with LED lights that disappear through the centre of the mirror and into infinity.

The great thing about the infinity bathroom mirrors is while they offer that out of space experience they are practical and functional mirrors. They offer superior reflection while looking amazing in any bathroom design.

The infinity bathroom mirrors also offer that gentle glow of additional lighting which is welcomed in any bathroom design. We all know how important additional lighting is to make your bathroom feel lighter and brighter, the infinity mirrors let you do this with a gentle blue or coloured glow which makes the bathroom feel warm and cosy.

These mirrors are rectangular in design and can be placed as a feature on a wall, next to the basin or wherever you want your guest’s eyes to focus. They are stylish, elegant and unique and are guaranteed to make a statement in any bathroom design.

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