Top 5 Wall Hung Vanity Basins

I love the wall hung vanity basins for smaller bathrooms because they help maximise space and are mounted directly on the wall, counter or shelves, making them a stylish and elegant basin choice for any bathroom design.

When combined with modern taps and a bottle trap, the wall hung vanity basins can easily enhance the bathroom space. They are all modern in design and finished in brilliant white helping you achieve a light and bright bathroom that feels spacious.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB040

These Phoenix wall hung vanity basins are the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms. They are oval in design giving a modern feel. There is a space at the back of the basin for soap and will look stylish on any bathroom wall creating that “wow” factor.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB036

These wall hung vanity basins are perfect for the modern compact bathroom. The basins are square in design complimenting any modern bathroom area with ease while helping make the most of the space you have available.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB023

Designed for a cloakroom, these wall hung vanity basins come in a rectangular design with the tap fitting on the side. This means you can place them on the wall and they still take up the least amount of space while adding style and elegance to your cloakroom design.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB016

These are very stylish and modern wall hung vanity basins that are oval in design and blend in with smaller bathrooms beautifully. If you have already chosen curved bathroom items, these vanity basins are guaranteed to enhance the space.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB008

These wall hung vanity units are modern and stylish in a square design that will blend in with any modern bathroom design. Combined with a chrome bottle trap and modern taps, your basin is guaranteed to impress.

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