How to Choose A Bath

In a year of luxury and spa-inspired bathroom designs, choosing the right bath can be the make or break of your bathroom design.

Baths are available in so many shapes and sizes from the magnificent roll top baths to the compact and convenient shower baths. It’s important the bath you choose not only blends in with your overall bathroom design, but works within the space you have available.

Bath Solutions for Smaller Bathrooms

Most people immediately choose a shower for their smaller bathroom designs because you are just so limited on space. There are corner baths and shower baths which can be incorporated into a smaller bathroom design.

Shower baths are a great choice offering you the best of both worlds, you have the luxury of a bath with the convenience of a shower keeping the whole family happy. These shower baths are compact in design and come with an incorporated shower screen so you’re not stuck with an ugly shower curtain. This means you are able to maintain that modern design while enjoying the advantage of a shower and bath.

Bath Solutions for Larger Bathrooms

We aren’t all lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom. If you are one of the few then you have no restrictions when it comes to bath choice. Basically you have a blank canvas to turn into your dream bathroom.

Freestanding baths and roll top baths offer that luxurious finish to any bathroom design. These baths can be placed against the wall or in the centre of the room becoming the focal point.

Rectangular baths are also a welcome addition in the larger bathroom designs because of their straight edges blending in with the modern style.

If you want to place your bath against the wall, maybe under a large window or against a feature wall, then the freestanding and rectangular baths are what you are looking for.

A Touch of Luxury

You can add a touch of luxury to any bath by adding whirlpool or airpool options. These are jets that turn your bathroom into a day spa with all the health benefits and luxuries you can get from them.

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