An Affordable and Easy Showering Solution

If you are thinking of installing a shower in your bathroom, it will be a relief to know you can do so without breaking the bank. Once you have the shower tray and enclosure, everything else is affordable, quick and easy.

In order to install a shower in your bathroom you need a shower tray in the shape and size of your choice and an enclosure that will fit the tray. There are side and inline panels you can use to ensure the enclosure fits the tray snugly to reduce leaks. A waste for the water to drain out of and some controls and shower head are also essential items.

This may seem like a lot of things you will need, but don’t feel overwhelmed, there are shower sets available to help you make this project an affordable and easy one.

Shower Trays

Shower trays are an essential element and they come in a choice of shapes and sizes to choose from. There are square and rectangular trays and then there are those with a bowed front or a quadrant design.

Shower Wastes

Wastes should be ordered before your contractor arrives to avoid delays. There are the easy and fast flow wastes which ensure the water drains from your shower with ease. These are easy for a professional to install and reduce the risk of leaks when taking a shower.

Shower Enclosures

There are so many shower enclosure choices for you to choose from including the pivot, hinged, bi-fold, sliding, quadrant and walk in designs. The enclosure should fit the tray snugly and in some cases you may need inline or side panels to seal off your shower completely.

Shower Sets

Shower sets can save you time and money. They are affordable showering solutions that are convenient and very easy to use. The shower sets include the controls, slide rail and shower head so all you have to do is install them and enjoy your showering experience.


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