Top Shower Enclosures for the Larger Bathroom Design

Starting with the shower trays available will help you realise what the best shower enclosure choices are when designing a larger bathroom. If you are in the process of renovating a larger bathroom, you are one of the lucky ones, a majority of homes these days have smaller bathrooms spaces limiting the shower enclosures and trays they can use.

Shower trays for larger bathrooms are the square and rectangular designs. You have the space so you don’t have to try and maximise your floor space by placing a quadrant shower tray in the corner, though there is nothing from stopping you if you are also including a large centre piece bath.

If you have chosen a rectangular shower tray you may find that the enclosures on offer don’t fit the tray perfectly. You don’t have to worry using shower enclosure inline panels ensures that your enclosure fits your tray snugly and ensures there are no leaks while the shower is being used.

Pivot Door Shower Enclosures

Pivot door shower enclosures are a great addition to the larger bathroom space. They have a swinging door which cannot be added to a smaller bathroom area and offer a large opening for getting in and out of the shower.

You may find that these enclosures don’t always fit the rectangular trays perfectly, but as I said before there are always the shower enclosure inline panels that can come to the rescue enabling you to design your shower as you want it and not have to compromise in any way.

Walk In Shower Enclosures

The walk in shower enclosures have really grown in popularity over recent years. They are modern, minimalistic and practical. These enclosures don’t have a door but rather a piece of glass that reduces the risk of leaks. Again the shower enclosure inline panels can ensure the enclosure fits to the tray perfectly.

Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures

I personally love the bi-fold door shower enclosures, they work on a concertina effect which really makes a statement in the bathroom design. These are great for modern or traditional bathroom designs and also large and smaller bathroom spaces. The doors fold in towards the shower rather than out so you don’t compromise on floor space and if the enclosure doesn’t fit the tray perfectly, you can get the shower enclosure inline panels to help you make it fit and still look fantastic.


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