Glass Bathroom Basins Offer That Modern Touch

Designing your bathroom can be a stressful time because there are just so many options available. Glass may not appear the most practical basin solution, but you will be amazed at the durability these sophisticated looking basins offer your bathroom space.

The glass bathroom basins are stylish, sophisticated and modern and come in a choice of shapes and sizes to blend in to your bathroom design with ease.

Oval Glass Basin

If you have already chosen curved shapes when choosing your larger bathroom items, then you may want to consider the oval glass bathroom basins which will blend in with your overall design.

These glass bathroom basins are so stylish and elegant and are guaranteed to make a statement in your bathroom. They will blend in with all your current fixtures and fittings while offering the ability for you to mount them on a shelf or vanity with ease.

Square Glass Basin

The square glass bathroom basins are ultra-modern and are a welcome addition in a minimalistic bathroom design. If you’ve chosen straight edges and plenty of square designs when choosing your bathroom products, these glass bathroom basins may be just what you are looking for.

Round Glass Basins

I love the round glass bathroom basins, the rounded edges can add that softness to your bathroom design and the glass blends in with all your fixtures and fitting with ease.

Glass may not be the first choice for many home owners, but the glass bathroom basins are not only durable, they are elegant, sophisticated and stylish offering your bathroom that “wow” factor.

Of course the biggest advantage to glass bathroom basins is how easy they are to clean. As you know toothpaste and soap marks build up quickly on any bathroom basin, but when you have glass it is more likely to show up even faster. A simple mixture of vinegar and water wiped along the inside of the basin and wiped off will leave your new glass bathroom basins gleaming and allowing light to flow through them, adding space to your bathroom area.

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