All about Rectangular Baths

Have you tried to buy a bath recently? There are so many choices available that you don’t know which way to turn. Rectangular baths may appear the boring choice when you have roll top baths, corner baths and even shower baths to choose from. But the rectangular baths available these days are elegant and stylish and blend in with any bathroom design.

The great thing about rectangular baths is you still get a choice as to the type of bath you want. There are single and double sided baths to choose from, designed to blend in with any bathroom design whether you want to place them in a corner position or against a wall.

Singled Ended Rectangular Baths

Single ended rectangular baths are designed for that corner position where you have a wall against the top side of the bath. This means there is a stunning sloped side where you can lie back and soak in your new bath, while the other side has the taps and is placed against the wall. All you need now is a whirlpool or airpool option to turn your bath into a luxurious day spa experience.

Double Ended Rectangular Baths

Now the double ended rectangular baths are designed to be placed against the wall where both sides of the bath are free from obstacles and slope enabling you to lie back and relax at both ends of the tub without any discomfort. They are stunning in design and suited for larger bathroom areas where you aren’t going to compromise on floor space.

Ibiza Rectangular Baths

The Ibiza rectangular baths are worth mentioning because while they are rectangular on the outside and blend in with your overall bathroom design, the inside of the bath is a stunning kidney shape offering comfort and practicality while bathing.

These baths offer ample bathing space and once you add the luxurious touch of whirlpool or airpool options, you add that touch of day spa to your bathroom, creating a luxurious finish to your perfect bathroom design.

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