Top Tips When Choosing Shower Heads

You spend so much time planning the perfect bathroom design that you must pay attention to your shower head to ensure you choose one that offers superior design combined with practicality and convenience. These days it’s all about modern, luxurious and spa-inspired bathrooms and you can use this and still enjoy the convenience of a shower with ease.

Types of Shower Heads

Basically there are two types of shower heads for you to choose from. There are the hand held designs (or so I call them), these are shower heads which can be removed from their fitting and used as a hand shower if needed and then there are the fixed shower heads which are installed directly on the wall or ceiling and cannot be removed.

The best way to decide which is right for you is to determine if you are including the shower in a family bathroom where children will be using the shower or if it’s an en-suite where only you and your partner will be using the shower. The hand held options are often more practical when you have younger children in the home.

Water Pressure

Versatility is important when choosing your shower heads. In simple terms you want a shower head that has a lot of spray points for water to exit, this means an invigorating showering experience. There is nothing worse than looking forward to your shower, getting in, putting on the water and a little dribble of water runs out. Choose your shower head with care knowing that you want the most water pressure possible.

Stylish Designs

There are so many shower heads on the market these days from the stunning round shower heads to the unique and stylish star shower heads. There are rose designs, square designs and many others just waiting for you to explore.

The best suggestion is take your bathroom design into consideration, all your current fixtures and fittings and then decide which of the shower heads will blend in best with your bathroom space.

Choosing a shower head shouldn’t be a quick decision, especially when there are so many choices. Take everything in your bathroom into consideration including the size and then choose the shower heads that blend in best, but also fit in best when it comes to size. A huge shower head in a smaller bathroom space will look completely wrong as will a small shower head in a large shower.


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