Making My Shower Enclosure Fit My Rectangular Shower Tray

Shower enclosure inline panels can be the make or break of a bathroom design. You find that perfect shower tray that fits into your design perfectly, but then you try all the enclosures only to find that they all come up slightly short and won’t prevent leaks while you shower.

Shower enclosure inline panels offer you the ability to make your shower tray and enclosure fit together. The panels are available in a range of sizes ensuring there is one that will help you achieve your dream bathroom design.

Rectangular shower trays are very popular, but you’ll find that a majority of the shower trays won’t fit perfectly and you will need the shower enclosure inline panels to make the shower water tight.

These panels work with all types of shower trays whether you have chosen a pivot door design or a sliding door design. With a clear idea in your head of how you want your bathroom to look, there is no reason you should compromise on design and quality which is why the shower enclosure inline panels are a blessing when choosing your shower tray and enclosure.

Shower enclosure inline panels come in a clear glass which blends in with the rest of your bathroom design, allowing light to flow freely through the space and offering style and sophistication to your bathroom space.

Usually you would add the shower enclosure inline panels to the corner of the shower, so where the wall meets the enclosure door or where the side panel meets the enclosure door, that way you can blend it in with your design and it won’t look obvious that you have chosen a panel to make your shower work for you.

What I love about the shower enclosure inline panels is that they blend in perfectly with any shower design giving you the chance to have the bathroom of your dreams.

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