Bath Solutions for a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are very common these days, I am convinced that homes are getting smaller. If you walk into an older home you find a huge living room, decent sized bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. Walk into a modern and newer home on the other hand and the space is so limited, the rooms have shrunk, the living room is half the size and the bathrooms are small cubicles. What this means is that you are left struggling to find fittings and fixtures to blend in with your bathroom size should you choose to renovate your bathroom.

That’s why most people choose a shower when faced with a compact bathroom, but a bath gives them the opportunity to relax after a long day at work. Surely you can’t add a bath into a small bathroom space?

Here are some bath options you may want to consider which can work in small bathrooms and larger spacious bathrooms.

Corner Baths

Buying a bath for a small bathroom you don’t want to take away too much of your floor space, you need to be able to move around in the bathroom and not be in a position where you have to spin on the spot to reach the bath, basin or toilet. Floor space is essential in every bathroom design, so you don’t want to compromise on that when looking at bath options for smaller bathroom spaces.

Corner baths are the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms. They fit perfectly in the corner enabling you to plan the rest of your bathroom around them. By placing your bath in the corner, you are ensuring you don’t compromise that precious floor space and are able to move around in your bathroom with ease while enjoying the luxury of a hot bath.

Shower Baths

One of the biggest decisions you will make when renovating a family bathroom is whether to have a shower or a bath and you will always have some family members who enjoy the efficient convenience of a shower, while others enjoy the ability to lie back and relax in a bath.

Shower baths are a fantastic solution to the problem you are faced with, but also enable you to enjoy the benefits of a bath and shower in a smaller bathroom area. Being able to have the best of both a bath and shower is not only a practical solution, but they work really well in small bathrooms which don’t have the space for a bath and separate shower.

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