Cubarc Bathroom Accessories

Cubarc bathroom accessories are a welcome addition to any modern bathroom design. These accessories have a stunning cube design finished in polished chrome, but made from solid brass. They are built to last while looking magnificent and complementing your bathroom space.

A bathroom without accessories isn’t very functional. You’ll have towels all over the floor, your toilet roll will be balanced on the cistern and soap will be leaving soap marks all over the bath and basin. Accessories lets you turn your bathroom into a stylish and functional space.

Selection of Cubarc Bathroom Accessories?

Bathroom accessories are affordable and help you turn your bathroom into a practical and functional space. Cubarc bathroom accessories offer a range of great accessories enabling you to keep the same design throughout the space whether you’re looking for towel rails, soap dishes or toilet roll holders.

The towel rails are available in both a single and double rail depending on how many people use the bathroom. They help reduce clutter while offering you a great design that will blend in beautifully with the rest of your fittings and fixtures.

Towel rings are an essential accessory next to the basin to place your hand towels ensuring guests don’t end up having to use your bath towel to dry their hands.

Toilet roll holders are essential in any bathroom. Without them you tend to pop the toilet roll on the cistern which is a recipe for disaster. All it takes is someone to accidently drop the whole toilet roll down the toilet by mistake and then flush the toilet, as you can imagine the mess that will make.

The glass shelves, the perfect choice next to the basin or bath to store all your smaller bathroom items and ensure that everything has a storage space in the bathroom area.

Other Cubarc bathroom accessories include soap dishes, soap baskets and tumbler holders. All items that can help you ensure your bathroom is functional, practical and stylish.

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