Airpool Baths for That Luxurious Touch

Airpool baths are one of the top choices because they offer that luxurious touch to your bathroom design with a host of health benefits and they are so easy to maintain and clean.

Airpool baths offer you the ability to have a spa in the comfort of your own home with so many shapes and sizes to choose from it’s easy to incorporate one of these luxurious baths to your bathroom design.

A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

These airpool baths come in a range of shapes and sizes enabling you to blend them in with your bathroom design. There are semi-circular designs, rectangular choices and oval options, not to mention the more square designs perfect for the modern bathroom space.

It’s important to take your overall bathroom design into consideration when choosing airpool baths to ensure you have the same design flow throughout the space.

Health Benefits

Yes that’s right, airpool baths offer health benefits so they are not only stunning in design and oozing luxury, but they can help with arthritis symptoms, aching muscles, blood circulation and more. After a long and stressful day at work you can lie back in your bath as the air jets massage your aching muscles helping relieve stress and headaches, what a great way to end a long day.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance couldn’t get any easier with the airpool baths, unlike the whirlpool options, these baths only need you to run the jets while the bath is empty and use a cloth to remove any water to clean them. An annual maintenance check by a professional should be carried out to ensure you don’t incur any unnecessary costs later on and keep your bath in good shape.

The biggest advantage to these baths is that they can run without any water in them and you don’t have the risk of damaging any important components. The whirlpool baths on the other hand cannot be run without water, so they are not ideal if you have younger children in the home where the airpool bath can be added to any bathroom without any worry.

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