2013 Luxury Bathrooms

This year bathrooms are all about luxury and spa-inspired themes. More emphasis is being placed on bathrooms these days than ever before. At the same time the bathroom needs to remain a practical and functional space where the emphasis is placed on the design features to ensure it makes a statement.

Plenty of white, glass and chrome is essential in today’s bathroom designs with feature walls and splashes of colour used to make that statement that the bathroom so desperately needs. From one coloured walls to stone walls and living plant walls to walls with huge picture windows with a stunning bath below. Each design is aimed at opulence and pampering.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small bathroom, those luxurious touches can go a long way in today’s bathroom designs.

Today’s Luxury Bathrooms

This year the majority of bathroom designs are going to be luxurious, those magnificent roll top baths, walk in showers and shower jets offering that spa-inspired touch.

You can also expect to see plenty of counter top basins and glass basins that make a statement and enhance the bathroom area while toilets will be wall mounting with a floating effect that is guaranteed to offer that “wow” factor.

Neutral colours are very in this year so light coloured walls with stunning designer radiators acting as an art piece on the wall. The lighter the walls the larger the bathroom will feel so bear this in mind if you do have a smaller sized bathroom, you can always use towels, candles and blinds to add your splash of colour.

Luxury doesn’t mean ultra-modern, you can make a traditional bathroom luxurious by incorporating the right touches such as wall colour, feature walls and bathroom products. Remember that when choosing bathroom products you choose the same design throughout the space, allowing it to flow, work in harmony together and enhance the space.

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