How to Care for Your Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

Sliding door shower enclosures are probably one of the top shower enclosures used in smaller bathrooms throughout the UK because they don’t have a door that swings open enabling you to maximise your floor space.

Sliding door shower enclosures are available in two top designs, framed and frameless. The framed designs are finished in stunning frame which will blend in easily with all your fixtures and fittings while the frameless design is minimalistic and simple.

As with any bathroom item keeping them in perfect condition ensures they last longer and keeping them clean and in good condition is much easier than you may have thought. Many people think because the doors slide, they are harder to clean than say the pivot door designs where the doors swing open, but in reality, they are just as easy.

Clean Your Shower Enclosure Regularly

Giving your shower enclosure a simple wipe after every use is a great way to ensure it’s kept in mint condition. Each shower you or your family has steams up the glass loosening any dirt and grime, so a quick wipe with a dry cloth reduces soap marks and also reduces mould growing on the glass.

You will need to clean your sliding door shower enclosure regularly and I always use a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This works wonders on any glass surface.

Don’t forget to clean the rails of the enclosure to ensure your sliding door slides with ease with every use. Start by wiping down the tiles in your shower and then the sliding door shower enclosure and frame, finish off with the tray as you step out of the shower and start on the outside. It doesn’t take long and yet can improve the life of your shower enclosure.

In all honesty you don’t want your bathroom smelling of vinegar, even though it is the best to use on your enclosure, so what I always do is once I’ve finished cleaning I go over the sliding door shower enclosure with normal glass cleaner or bathroom cleaner as a finishing touch.

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