Top 3 Freestanding Baths

Baths are a welcome addition in any bathroom offering a host of health benefits, helping you distress after a long day and when using bath oils and scented candles, they can become a place to relax, unwind and wash your stresses away.

These days’ baths come in so many different shapes and sizes, but it’s the freestanding baths that make a statement. It’s important you take your overall bathroom design into consideration when looking at freestanding baths to ensure they will fit and blend in with your design ideas. Freestanding baths can be placed in the centre of the room becoming the focal point or they can be placed against a wall, the choice is up to you.

Assai Freestanding Baths

The Assai freestanding baths offer a beautiful rectangular bath range that blends in with any modern bathroom design. The straight edges give these baths that minimalistic finish and the widened top really oozes sophistication and style. The advantage to these baths is the colour options available enabling you to add a splash of colour to your design with ease.

Plato Freestanding Baths

These freestanding baths work wonderfully in any bathroom design. Finished in brilliant white, these baths blend in with modern, traditional and ultra-modern bathroom designs. There are two options available under the Plato range enabling you to play the bath against the wall or freestanding in the centre of the room to become the bathroom’s centrepiece.

Rubarto Freestanding Baths

The Rubarto freestanding baths are my personal favourite and they really do tick all the boxes for a modern bathroom design. These freestanding baths are oval in design with stunning smooth edges oozing elegance and style. Available in a choice of colours you can add that splash of colour making your freestanding bath the focal point of your design.

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