How to Choose Bidet Taps

Yes that’s right you haven’t read the title wrong, this is how to choose bidet taps that will blend in with your bathroom design. As you know bidets have become a very popular choice in modern bathrooms, they offer that sophisticated finish to any bathroom design. At the same time it’s important to ensure your bidet blends in with the rest of your bathroom design.

The bidet taps you choose are as important as the bidet itself. The taps should be stylish and work with the bidet to add that sophisticated flair to your overall design.


When it comes to bidet taps, the best option is mixer taps which mix the hot and cold water to your desired temperature. These taps are specifically designed for the modern bidet available in a sophisticated chrome finish which when chosen to match your other bathroom fixtures, will complement your bathroom space with ease.

From the stunning CU series bidet mixer with it’s flat handle and squared design to the modern design of the AR series bidet mixer with it’s stunning chrome finish, it’s easy to choose bidet taps that will blend in with your current design.

Blending in with the Design

A lot of emphasis is being placed on bathrooms these days which means you need to pay as much attention to your design as you would in your living room or kitchen. Previously a bathroom was what it is, a bathroom. Not much care was taken in the design of the bathroom, but these days your bathroom is another room where you need to make a statement.

When planning your bathroom it’s important that all your bathroom pieces work together. Having an oval freestanding bath when your toilet, basin and shower enclosure is square will not work well together. Think of it from a designers point of view, keeping everything the same will help you enhance the room and add sophistication and flair to the space.

Bidets are available in a choice of shapes to work with your current toilet, bath and basin. Your bidet taps need to match your current tap designs. If you have rounded mixer taps on your basin and bath, then carrying this on to your bidet will help keep the space uniform without making the bidet taps look out of place.

Modern Finish

Bidet taps are modern in design and the chrome finish adds sophistication to the room. Ensure your bidet taps are the same shape as your other taps, the modern PL series bidet mixer is a top choice with it’s stylish design and shiny chrome finish, this tap will complement any bathroom space.

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