Add Elegance to Your Showering Experience

Showers have become an important addition to any bathroom these days, especially smaller bathrooms, as they help maximise space.

We are all managing chaotic lifestyles these days and showers offer us speed, practicality and the ability to save water. This is why so many homeowners are replacing their baths with a shower.


Let’s face it we don’t all have the perfect corner position for a shower and we may need to place our shower along a wall or in a corner, but then we have two sides exposed, which is where shower enclosure side panels come in. The shower enclosure side panels are designed to give you the ability to place your shower anywhere and still enjoy a completely sealed shower unit.

Basically the shower enclosure side panels are made of clear glass which blends in with the shower door you have chosen to seal to the shower tray and reduce the risk of leaks.

The enclosures available come in an unframed and framed option. The shower enclosure side panels give you the freedom to design your bathroom layout to your own specific taste and style and with the clear glass panels, you can enjoy the light flowing freely.


One of the most important aspects of any bathroom design is how light and bright it is. White walls, white bathroom products, an abundance of glass and natural and additional lighting work in harmony to offer you a space which is light and feels spacious.

The advantage to the shower enclosure side panels is that they are completely clear, made from safety glass and these allow light to flow freely through them, brightening the shower and bathroom area and offering that feeling of space.


It’s important that the shower tray and enclosures you choose blend into your overall bathroom design. There are so many designs to choose from including quadrant shower trays, rectangular or square trays, sliding doors, pivot doors and even bi-fold doors. The shower enclosure side panels work with these to help you get the perfect showering solution for your bathroom.


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