Modern Bathroom Basins

When designing your new bathroom you pay special attention to your bathroom products, if you have chosen a rounded corner bath, a quadrant shower tray and an oval toilet, you’ll want a rounded edged modern bathroom basin. The same applies if you have chosen the square or rectangular route, you will want a rectangular basin that will fit in perfectly with your other bathroom products.

The trick to a great bathroom design is to carry the style throughout the bathroom from the shape of your bathroom products to the taps that you use. If you go for white, keep everything white, if you choose chrome taps, keep the same material throughout. This will help keep the space uniform and stylish.

The Oval Design

You’ve spent a lot of time staring at the showers available and have chosen a quadrant shower tray because of the rounded edge and an oval toilet. Now you need to find the perfect modern bathroom basin.

There are plenty of rounded modern bathroom basins for you to choose from including the Emma semi circular design to the Mia rounded design. Choose the one that works best with your other items, enjoying the crisp whiteness and durability of these bathroom basins.

The Rectangular Design

The square or rectangular design gives a bathroom an ultra-modern feel because of the crisp and clean lines that is needed in a minimalist bathroom. There is a wide selection of modern bathroom basins that come with the clean edges that you need to complete your bathroom.

The Qube basin is a firm favourite with it’s large rectangular design making it an ideal choice for medium to large bathrooms. These modern bathroom basins are available with a full pedestal, semi pedestal and even a bottle trap if you want to maximise the space under your basin.

There is also the Qube cloakroom design perfect for cloakrooms and en-suite bathrooms, you get to enjoy the rectangular design with the taps being placed to the side of the basin, giving it that compact advantage over other modern bathroom basins.

Lastly is my personal favourite, the Pensato modern bathroom basin. These basins are unique in their design with a rounded bottom that comes up to a squared top, these basins are ideal for any bathroom design, available in crisp white with clean edges, just what you need for your modern bathroom.

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