Advantages of Back Lit Mirror Cabinets

All bathrooms need some form of storage, it is so easy for the bathroom to feel cluttered with your selection of toiletries, make up, hair care products and shaving items. This is especially true in family bathrooms where you have a number of people using one small space.

These days bathrooms are designed to be modern, elegant and sophisticated and the one thing that lets these bathrooms down is the collection of items scattered everywhere. One of the options you have is a bathroom cabinet mounted to the wall offering storage for all the smaller bathroom items and reducing the risk of them ending up on the basin, side of the bath or even on the floor.


One of the advantages you’ll find when choosing back lit mirror cabinets is their superior design. You can a selection to choose from that will blend in with any bathroom design, work as a piece of art on a bland wall and offer practicality and convenience.

Cabinets are functional items, but when you can put three conveniences into one, you are on a winning streak, which means less items on the wall and even less clutter.


Back lit bathroom mirrors offer three conveniences – storage, light and a mirror. If you think about it if you were to purchase a plain cabinet without a mirror you’ll need space to mount a mirror on the wall, another item to clutter your wall space.

If your bathroom doesn’t benefit from enough natural light, you’ll need to add additional light, maybe on the wall near your mirror, yet another item to fill your bathroom wall.

Now imagine getting ready for work, grabbing your razor and shaving cream or make up from inside the cabinet, closing the door and the mirror is right there, even better yet, you have extra light which ensures a clear reflection, helping you get ready for work and shaving minutes off your time.


Lighting is one of the most important things in any bathroom design. In order for any bathroom to feel spacious you need plenty of light. We don’t all benefit from an abundance of natural light, so we need additional lighting wherever possible. The back lit bathroom mirrors help in this department, offering additional light to enhance the space while looking elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

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