Whirlpool and Airpool Baths

When designing a luxurious bathroom you want to add those special touches that give you that pampered feel and what better way than with whirlpool and airpool baths. These baths not only give you that luxury that you are looking for, but they come with a range of benefits, including many health benefits.

Which to Choose

The first question so many people ask is how to choose between whirlpool and airpool baths and which is the better choice. In fact these luxurious baths are on a par, they are both easy to maintain and clean and they both offer the same advantages.

The difference between the two is that whirlpool baths use water that they jet out onto your body, where the airpool baths use air that they jet into the water.

When it comes to maintenance, they are both easy to clean and maintain. The whirlpool baths use a special solution that you rinse through the system while the airpool baths you let run without water to clean out the system.

There is one difference that you must pay careful attention to, a whirlpool bath cannot be used without water in it, this will damage the motor.

Understanding the Benefits

Now when you are looking for luxury you can imagine a day at the spa being pampered, well the whirlpool and airpool baths offer you this in your own home. Light some scented candles, lie down in the warm water and let the jets massage you, it doesn’t get any better.

In fact the jets from the whirlpool and airpool baths actually massage you which helps with circulation and if you are an arthritis sufferer, these baths can do wonders for stiff and painful joints.

The massaging of the jets also work your muscles, perfect after a heavy workout. The jets gentle massage your aching muscles and joints making you feel as though you just stepped out of the day spa.

Luxury at Its Best

You can easily transform your bathroom into a luxury space that you can enjoy with whirlpool and airpool baths, which one you choose is purely down to your preference, both offer the same advantages turning your bathroom into your own private day spa where you can enjoy the healing effects at any time of day or night.

The perfect finish to any luxurious bathroom design, the whirlpool and airpool baths will definitely make a statement.

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