Why Square Shower Trays Are a Top Choice

One of the biggest considerations when designing a new bathroom is space. Square shower trays are versatile, enabling you to place them anywhere in the bathroom area, maximising the floor space.


Showers are very popular these days, they not only save on water, but they offer convenience and practicality. Square shower trays are therefore a good choice because you can place them in a corner, against a wall or even in a recess in your bathroom with ease.

Which Enclosure to Choose

The biggest advantage to the square shower trays is that they are versatile enough to work with almost all the shower enclosures available on the market from the pivot or hinged door designs, all the ways to the sliding doors and even walk in choices.

Larger bathrooms can enjoy the convenience of pivot or hinged door shower enclosures. These enclosures have swinging doors, they swing open into the bathroom space and while they offer a large entry to the shower, they are not suited for smaller bathroom designs.

For compact bathrooms there are sliding doors, bi-fold doors and my ultimate favourite, the walk in designs. All of these work beautifully with the square shower trays to enhance the bathroom and offer you a perfect showering experience.

Bi-fold shower enclosures work on a concertina effect. They fold in towards the shower so they don’t take up any floor space and are easy to use. The sliding doors glide to each side offering a large opening while the walk in designs don’t have any doors but still offer you the peace of mind that your shower won’t leak all over your bathroom floor.

Material Choices

Square shower trays have three choices when it comes to materials. They are all slim line in design. For a lightweight option there is the pearl and acrylic options, both are durable and long lasting. The stone square shower trays are also durable but much heavier and are a welcome addition in a family bathroom where they will be used often.

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