Why Use Easy Plumb and Fast Flow Waste in Your Bathroom

The easy plumb and fast flow waste kits ensure that every shower installation is quick and easy. There is so much more to consider when adding a shower to your bathroom that just where to put it, where the water flows to and how quickly it flows is an essential consideration that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Shower Trays

Most of the shower trays available come with adjustable legs, which enables you to ensure the shower tray is completely level before sealing it and making it a permanent bathroom fixture. The few that don’t include adjustable legs need to be placed using mortar, which is a job for the professionals.

The easy plumb and fast flow waste kits enable you to install a shower tray with ease. The easy plumb shower tray panels come with legs which can speed up the installation process.

Shower Waste

Shower trays are not sold with the plumbing included. This needs to be purchased separately and the high flow shower waste kit will give you a complete kit on what you need to completely your shower installation. The most important thing to consider is how quickly the water flows from the shower tray, the last thing you want is water building up while you shower and eventually leaking all over your bathroom floor.

The easy plumb and fast flow wastes are designed to make a shower installation an easy one, they have everything you need to ensure your tray is installed and the water will flow freely reducing leaks and ensuring the whole family can take advantage of the water saving shower option on a daily basis.

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