Top Ideas for Accessorizing Your Bathroom

In order for your bathroom to be a functional space, you need accessories. Accessories add to the functionality and practicality of the space, they make the bathroom user-friendly, whether you’re designing a modern bathroom, traditional bathroom or luxurious and spa-inspired space.


The basics such as toilet roll holders, soap dishes and tumbler holders are all needed in the bathroom. The cone bathroom accessories range offers a selection of great accessories in a stunning cylindrical finish that will blend in with any bathroom design.

Add Some Colour

The problem with working so hard to have a modern bathroom, is that the space can end up very white and clinical and colour is essential to add some life to the space. Splashes of colour can be bold and bright, from adding new towels to a feature wall.


Bathroom mirrors are essential bathroom items that should be incorporated in every single bathroom around the world. Mirrors will not only offer you your own reflection when getting ready for work each day, but they can be used to reflect light into the bathroom to make it more spacious or they can be used to highlight a focal point, maybe that freestanding bath you are so proud of.

You Need a Set Budget

When shopping for bathroom accessories your budget can easily get out of control, there are so many great accessories out there, which is why I always set myself a set budget. The cone bathroom accessories are an affordable way to accessorize your bathroom. Stick to the budget to ensure you don’t break the bank and are still able to turn your bathroom into a practical space.

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