Why Should I Use Bottle Traps in the Bathroom?

Before looking at bottle traps for your new bathroom design, it’s a good idea to fully understand their function and how they can improve your overall bathroom experience.

Bottle traps are used on basins, if your basin includes a pedestal or semi-pedestal, then you won’t be needing the traps. Bottle traps are a long tube that allows waste water with a trap on the one side which attaches to your basin, the trap captures any hair or items that fall down the basin, they also capture all the gases to ensure the smell doesn’t permeate back into your bathroom.

When Should I Use a  Bottle Trap?

In a majority of cases bottle traps are used for practical reasons in both bathrooms and kitchens. If your new bathroom basin fits into a vanity unit, then a bottle trap can help with the space issues you have available. The trap will be hidden from sight within the unit enabling all excess water to drain away with ease.

In modern bathrooms, bottle traps are used as a decorative item. These traps are exposed and finished in stylish chrome showing the minimalist style of the modern and elegant bathroom design. The advantage is that it leaves enough space under the basin for additional storage if you need it.


Bottle traps have one advantage and that is that they are so easy to clean and maintain, all you do is unscrew the trap with a bucket underneath to catch any excess water, clean out any hair or anything stuck in the trap, give it a rinse and screw it back into place, it really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Choice of Designs

When it comes to your bathroom you don’t want to add an ugly plastic and bulky bottle trap to your basin, you want something stylish and modern that will blend in with the rest of your bathroom design.

These days bathroom bottle traps are finished in chrome, giving that stylish shine that blends in with your bathroom taps and shower heads.

There are two bottle trap designs to choose from the minimalist design which is a chrome finished cylindrical tube with a tubular trap. This is the perfect choice if you have chosen tubular taps for your bathroom, carrying out the same style throughout the space.

For those who have gone for the ultra modern look with square taps and products, there is the square trap, these bottle traps have the cylindrical pipe, which is mostly hidden anyway once installed, but it is finished with an elegant and modern square trap that will blend in with your bathroom beautifully.


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