How to Install Hinged Door Shower Enclosures

Hinged door shower enclosures have remained a firm favourite in larger bathrooms, they have a swinging action, opening up into the bathroom area, while offering a large opening for getting in and out of the shower. They are very easy to clean and maintain offering the bathroom space an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Hinged doors can be installed as a DIY project, they are easy to install if you have some DIY knowledge. The most important thing is to ensure they fit correctly and that they are water tight to reduce the risk of leaks later on.

Plan Ahead

Planning is probably the most important step when installing your hinged door shower enclosure. It’s essential you measure your shower tray to ensure you have the right space for a hinged door shower enclosure. Then measure the opening space, remember these doors swing open so you don’t want any obstacles in the way, the door should swing freely.

The Installation Process

With your shower tray already in place you need to measure exactly where you want the hinged door shower enclosure to fit. Place the jamb against the wall ensuring its level using a spirit level. Mark any drill holes with a pencil before you drill the jamb in place.

Use anchors in each of the holes to ensure they hold the screws in place. With the jamb in place you can start installing the shower door. Hold your hinged door shower enclosure against the opening and double check that it is straight and can open easily. Then you can drill the door into place, again check the door can open with ease.

An important thing to remember is that the door should swing out away from the shower tray and not inwards. These doors can be turned over so you can mount them on the left or right depending on your bathroom design.

With your hinged door shower enclosure now in place test for leaks and enjoy your new showering experience.

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