Wall Hung Vanity Units

All bathrooms, both big and small, seem to have the same problem, that problem is clutter. The dreaded word that seems to take over every single bathroom throughout the UK. Every bathroom has a number of personal items to be stored from towels to toiletries and medicines to shaving and make up items. Whether there is only two of you or a large family, storage is essential. Wall hung vanity units have been a top choice for many years, offering a range of great advantages, including:


The first advantage is that wall hung vanity units look spectacular in a modern bathroom where you are trying to make a statement and remember that 2013 is a year for bathroom luxury and these units ooze style and elegance.

Small Bathroom Spaces

When working with a smaller bathroom the one thing you want to maximise if your floor space. You can place a vanity unit on the floor, but by installing a wall hung vanity unit you are giving your storage that floating effect which increases the floor space you have available. These units are great for any smaller bathroom design.


Vanity units that are placed on the floor can take serious time to clean, you need to get down on your hands and knees and clean all the way around the vanity where it meets the floor. When they are mounted on the wall you just mop underneath and in one step your bathroom is clean.

The wall hung vanity units are wonderful additions to a bathroom used by elderly because you can place them at any height that suits you, this means less bending to get your items out of the unit, you can just pop open the doors and pull out whatever you need with ease.

Storage Solutions

Did you know that seventy percent of your guests will snoop through your bathroom cupboards? That’s right that is a lot of nosey guests, so having extra storage in your bathroom not only enables you to reduce the clutter but place everything neatly inside your wall hung vanity, let them snoop, at least your bathroom items are not scattered all around the bathroom.

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