The Perfect Bath Choice for 2013

2013 is a year for luxurious and spa inspired bathroom designs and when it comes to luxury baths, the roll tops baths take centre stage. These baths are a statement, oozing style, luxury and comfort, the perfect pampering experience in your own home.

Why Choose Roll Top Baths?

When it comes to style and luxury the roll top baths have it all, they are stylishly designed and make a statement in any bathroom. Their ability to become a centre piece in the middle of a bathroom or be placed against a wall, makes them one of the most versatile bath choices you will ever have.

Bath Designs

There are a couple of design choices when shopping for roll top baths to turn your bathroom into a day spa that offer luxury and comfort. There is the standard roll top baths which are luxurious and stylish and then there are the slipper baths, these have a higher side to enable you to relax in sheer comfort.

You need a clear idea on where you want to place your bath before you start looking at the roll top baths available. There is the single ended roll top baths and then the double ended roll top baths. Now you’re probably wondering the difference.

It’s quite easy really, the single ended baths have one flat side and the other side is rounded and rolled. The flat side is positioned against the wall with the far side on display. The double sided baths have the same design on both sides, the ends are curved offering maximum space for indulging in your new bath. The double sided roll top baths can be placed flat against a wall or in the centre of the room becoming the focal point.

Sheer Luxury

All the roll top baths come with feet, these feet are usually chrome, the chrome blends in with your bathroom taps and lets the same materials be used throughout your bathroom. Remember if you’re choosing the double sided slipper bath the ends of the bath will be higher than the centre, this gives you the ability to lie either way, they also give you the ability to relax and soak your worries away with ease.

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