Bidet Facts

Bidets are very popular in modern homes and you have to wonder why. The majority of homes include bidets into their bathroom design and yet the bidet will never be used.

A few years ago I had an apartment with a bidet. The bidet became a place to store my laundry instead of a laundry basket, which got me interested in what these toilet looking devices were all about.

Bidets come with stylish bidet taps, the taps have a versatile spout enabling you to direct6 the water flow. They come in a chrome finish to blend in with your other bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Now to what you may not have known about bidets.

Bidets can be dated back to the 1700’s. While there is no confirmation on who actually designed the bidet, it appears that they did originate in France and were found in some of the wealthier homes across the country during that time.

Now back in the 1700’s, you bathed once a week, so you can imagine that personal hygiene was not a top priority. The bidet back then was a bowl of water that was used to keep your “parts” clean while you waited for your next bath.

Since then the bidet has evolved dramatically. They look like a toilet, except they don’t have a toilet seat and have a tap instead of a flushing mechanism. These days you use stylish bidet taps instead of a bowl of water.

These days bidets are added to bathrooms not only because of their personal hygiene advantages, but because they give an air of luxury and sophistication. In fact these are great additions for senior citizens that struggle with bowel problems.

Bathroom design needs to be taken into consideration when adding bidets into your bathroom. The bidet taps and bidet itself needs to blend in with your overall bathroom design.

The bidet taps on the market are available in a selection of design and the spout of the tap enables you to direct the water flow. They are finished in polished chrome to add sophistication to the bathroom design.

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