Quadrant Shower Trays – Complete Convenience

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a large and spacious bathroom.  This means that we are working with a small, compact bathroom when trying to come up with the perfect bathroom design.

Often there are sacrifices that need to be made, the large roll top bath along the back wall is going to take up way too much space compromising your floor space available.

In any bathroom design you need to maximise your floor space as much as possible.  You obviously need space to dry yourself after shower and to move around with ease.  As you can imagine having a large bath in a small bathroom will leave you spinning on one foot when moving around the space.

Quadrant Shower Tray Designs

Quadrant shower trays are stylish in design and will blend in with ease whether you are designing a modern or traditional bathroom.  These shower trays are designed to fit into a corner position, helping you maximise on floor space.

The quadrant shower trays come in a square or rectangular design with a curved front that adds that elegance and style.

I have worked with some really small bathrooms, where adding a shower seemed almost impossible.  Using quadrant shower trays and some imagination we were able to turn these tiny spaces into comfortable and luxurious bathrooms.


There are enclosures specifically designed for the quadrant shower trays.  These are also curved and have sliding doors, helping you maximise your floor space even further.

The advantage to having sliding doors is that you never have to worry that your door will swing open and be obstructed by your toilet, basin or vanity.  In a smaller space you cannot afford to have doors that swing open. 


The placement of your quadrant shower tray is as important as choosing the right shower tray for your design.  I have mentioned floor space numerous times in this blog and I will stress it again.  When working with a smaller space you need to plan effectively to ensure that you save as much floor space as possible.

Careful placement of your quadrant shower tray, choosing the right enclosure, placement of your toilet and vanity along with the colour you paint your walls, this all plays such a vital role in ensuring your bathroom feels bright, light and spacious.

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