How to Install Bifold Door Shower Enclosures

Bifold door shower enclosures are a great addition to the smaller bathroom, they don’t take up any floor space and fold to one side of the shower offering a large opening. If you have chosen to install your bifold door shower enclosure yourself, you may want to continue reading.

Fitting the bifold door shower enclosures is quite easy if you have a bit of DIY knowledge, if not, I suggest you get a friend in to give you a hand, but either way it won’t take long to install. Bear in mind you shouldn’t use your new shower for at least twenty four hours after installation to allow all the sealants to dry properly and avoid leaks.

Let’s Start

Before you even touch your door you need to install your shower try and ensure that it is completely even. Your next step will be to ensure the bifold door shower enclosures you have purchased are the right size and that your bathroom tiles extend all the way to your shower tray.

Now that you have checked all of this and are happy, you can start with the installation and you are on the road to complementing your bathroom with bifold door shower enclosures.

Installing Your New Shower Enclosure

You will notice when you purchase bifold door shower enclosures that you get two profiles, the doors and plenty of screws and caps.

You want to start by taking one of your wall profiles, these are the long pieces that have holes in them which enables you to put the door in place. Place your profile on the wall with the flange facing inside the shower. It should be perpendicular to the shower tray and level, which you can easily check with a spirit level.

Holding it in place mark the holes and then you can drill them out with ease before plugging the holes and screwing the profile to the wall.

First step completed, now the exciting part of adding the bifold door. Remember bifold door shower enclosures open into the shower and to avoid damage to the door ensure they do not open on the side where you have your shower taps. The door can be turned upside down to enable you to open it from the left or right, depending on where you taps and shower head is placed.

Slide the door into position in the first profile. Now time to add the second profile on the opposite wall, It should be evenly spaced to the first profile, holding the bifold door shower enclosure firmly in place. Follow the instructions you used for installing the first profile.

The Final Touches

The hard part is over once your bifold door shower enclosure is in place, all you have to do now is fix your door handle to the door and seal around the edges. Seal on the inside of the enclosures between the flange and wall and on the outside as well to ensure your enclosure doesn’t leak.

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